Friday, June 19, 2009

Craftmygift is the latest addition to the personalized gift creation site in the indian e-gifting space. The whole concept revolves around you specifying your gifting requirements and the team on the other hand thinking of creative gifting ideas and come back to you with different options for you to pick one. You make 50% payment and your gift will go into production. You will get a chance to review the design work during different stages. The available library of products include a personalized magazine, short story of a person(autobiography), artistic portrait, gift cards etc. I was surprised to see the pricing which ranges from INR 900 to INR 3500, which in the current market is highly overpriced. Why would someone pay that kind of amount when you have alternative cheaper and equally innovate gifting solutions available both online as well as in-store. There are sites like or which provide tons of gifting ideas at a cheaper price and in a more simpler manner. Though this concept is worth appreciating but will be difficult to scale up specially if it is relying the traffic to come through internet only. I think the team of craftmygift should definitely study the existing sites to get a sense of what is realistic in today's market scenario. Click here to check out who else is competing in this market

Monday, April 20, 2009

mChek is an easy mobile payment technology which has revolutionized the Indian m-commerce industry! I had last year looked at ngpay which I thought was one of the premier payment gateways but truly mChek appears to be the market leader with the host of services that it offers. I decided to check out mCheck features as a novice consumer and this is what I could accomplish:
1. In order to use mChek as a payment device, i registered my mobile on mcheck web site which sent me a download link for installing mChek application on my mobile which i downloaded and installed in no time.
2. The application required me to activate my account and setting up mcheck activation password. It then offered me to set up my debit or credit card. I added details of my debit card which mCheck sent out to my bank for verification. Within 3 minutes, I got an sms from my bank confirming the activation of my account for use with my mChek account.
3. Happily, i decided to settle my Airtel landline bill using mChek. This turned out to be a very simple process since all it required was to send an SMS to Airtel with the due amount. I got a confirmation SMS with payment receipt on my mobile. This was really COOL...!! since i never had to go to a Airtel kiosk or web site to make payment.
Some of the other services which mChek currently support includes buying bus tickets, payment of insurance premiums, and paying Tata Indicom phone bills.. The web site claims to increase its coverage for extending its services to even making m-payments for buying stuff online on certain indian web sites.....! This is definitely an application worth trying !!

Thursday, April 9, 2009 - online bill analysis company

I came across this very interesting site called and decided to explore it in detail. The web site requires you to upload your mobile bills or requests you to authorise them to access your service provider account and download bills for past couple of months. It then analyzes the uploaded bill and gives you your spending pattern. Based on your call analysis, it will review the existing mobile plans from various service providers and will recommend you the cheapest one. I tried the service though it could not download the bills directly from my service provider but did a pretty cool analysis once I uploaded my .pdf bills. The company has tied up with all major service providers - Airtel, BSNL, Idea, Tata Indicom, reliance, Aircel and Spice. It's worth trying this service. I haven't tested different scenarios to check the efficacy of its recommendations but on the whole i found the concept quite ineteresting. Do try this web site if you are not convinced with the mobile plan that you have got from your service provider.