Sunday, May 23, 2010

PAPAM - indian e-greeting site

Looking at this years startup profiles, this site caught my attention for two reasons:
1. The name was very unique though in Indian context Papam means a "Sin".
2. In today's world of SMS's and e-greetings this one was a bold move to enable someone to send out a paper greeting card something which people have kind of forgotten and have replaced with e-greetings and SMS's.

Papam is truly an interesting idea given the fact that many of us have stopped using the paper greetings giving way to technology due to sheer convenience. Papam provides an interesting and convenient way for consumers to create, personalize and send paper greeting cards to anyone in the world. Business model appears to be straightforward - earn money by selling greeting cards and other gift items like flower, paper wall hangings, paper jewelery, personalized T-Shirts, Mugs etc.
There is a great opportunity for papam to tie-up with various existing e-gifting sites who lack the printed greeting cards and expand its business without spending too much on customer acquisition. Overall its a site worth trying to express your feelings to someone you love and care! Click here to access the site.