Friday, September 5, 2008

Face recognition - Google's Picassa rocks !

It's all about Google this week! First its latest browser chrome and now the announcement about its face tag capability on its online photo album web site Picassa. Google has added the face recognition web site which was so far being largely utilized for security solutions. Google has extended this feature to an average home consumer. If you have an account with picassa, you can try this feature. Look for adding the "Name Tag" feature and click on it. This will start the face recognition exercise in the background. You can come back at a later time to see the processed images. The system will tell you the number of faces that it has identified. You will be required to label those faces. Amazingly, I had my daughter's images right from 6 month old to 2.5 years old and it can group them together as images belonging to one person !!!! Once you label individual photos, the picassa can identify the labeled photos in group photos. Try it out it's truly mind blowing !


  1. Tried it after seeing your post. It is awesome.

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