Friday, October 17, 2008

Online Photo companies -Marketing Strategies

The Online Photo Printing companies use different types of market strategies to attract user attention. Some of these include:

1. Integration with other photo management sites: Some of the online web sites offer integration with Yahoo photos or Picassa in order to import photos into the user's site specific account. This allows the user especially NRI's to deliver photos in prints to India without re-uploading the files.

2. Referral Schemes: many e-tailers provide the user's with referral schemes. A user can get "N" number of prints free if he provides genuine referrals to the web site.

3. Signing Offer: Almost all the web sites offer free 5 - 10 photo prints to a registered user on its web site.

4. Affiliate model: Some of the web sites are also offering affiliate relationship in order to drive traffic on their web sites

5. Selling Consumer's Photos: Another strategy which is used by these web sites is to allow the registered user to sell his photos through its web site. The consumer is given a commission on every sale that is being made through the web site. This is a pretty decent incentive for consumer's to upload their creations on these web sites.

6. Photo Contests: Some of the web sites also organize events like photo contests to drive traffic

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