Monday, October 18, 2010

Finally, landed into a slightly different group discounting site - !! Unlike other group discount web sites, this one offers two types of discounts - Open deals and Mob deals. While the Open deals become active as soon as they are being published, the Mob deals turn active only when there are a minimum number of users who sign up for the deal. Probably, that's one of the reason you can see the deal categories different from the one's that i have been seeing on earlier sites. The focus appears be more on electronic gadgets and tours/travels. I did not notice any restruant or health club related offers (some relief to increasingly confused users!!) Interestingly, I could see offers on air tickets which was quite a deviation from local services. You can get latest deals on mobile or by email.
The buy workflow involves charging the customer a small amount as an advance. The pending balance amount needs to be paid to the vendor after deducting the advance payment. Not sure which cities are current being covered by this site !! Check it out here if you wanna experience it.