Tuesday, March 18, 2014

BaggOut - Get paid to shop !!!

Baggout.com is another cashback and coupon web site that provides customers with an easy way to get additional discounts and savings on their online purchases. It has tie-ups with a number of Indian e-commerce sites like flipkart, amazon, myntra, fernsnpetals etc. Similar to cashkaro.com, it also acts as a mall front to the online e-tailors and provides customers with options to view different deals and enter into respective online store via its web interface.

The process is very similar to what I experienced in Cashkaro.com.

In addition to providing preview of available deals, it also has a section called "Trending Products" that showcases the products bought by various customers via baggout. Though you will not be able to interpret the information presented on this page in the first look especially if you are a first time visitor or an average non-technical, non internet-savvy user. The page showcases a number of product snaps with a name mentioned below probably of the buyer but it is not very clear. I think this is a very useful piece of information and can play a big role in influencing a visitor in making buying decision. However, the designers of this web site need to pay a bit more attention to usability aspects of it to sort this out.

Overall, the process is simple and easy to use though based on my experience cashkaro.com scores ahead of it based on its current partner network, user interface and features.

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