Friday, May 16, 2008

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I don't know how the promoters of asklaila got its name but nevertheless it does tells you what you want to know. This search engine unlike appears to be more organized in terms of areas that you can search. It has strong financial backing and a pretty strong management team.. You can search by city as well as your local area. So if you are looking out for a florist in your area or any restaurant you can simply visit A closer look revealed following key features:

1. Local search by city as well as local area within a city
2. search on mobile
3. Allows you broader common categories for search like events, restaurants, shopping, travel etc.
4. The coolest feature: You can run web search while get the results sent on your mobile via SMS instead of copying it.
5. Search text boxes are intelligent and can help you complete the word automatically as you start typing.
6. A pretty cool user interface

The search is currently restricted to four cities: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and chennai but the results are very accurate and relevant.

Business Model: My guesses
1. Directory listing
2. Cost per click
3. lead generation using sms and email

Not sure if it has tied up with any other web sites to offer its search capability. I feel is much ahead in race with its strategic alliances as well as cool search features..!

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