Friday, May 30, 2008

Antya - The End Result

Antya is a search engine which leverages the power of organizing information based on user's inputs. It's a web directory built up by the users for the users. A simple search will not only return you results for various web sites but it also gives you various related keywords related to the search context. In addition to its own search logic, it appears to be heavily using google search engine's capability to provide search results. The menu options like News, Videos, Blogs, Images etc. return results from google search engine. I wonder why I should be coming to antya when I can get all the results directly from google.

The overall concept appears to be little complicated to understand. I tried searching for "restaurants in bangalore" and it gave me results that pointed to another search engine "burrp" in addition to other restaurants. The results may or may not be localized since it probably relies on the keywords that are tagged by a user to a web site. For a consumer who is looking for local information, this search engine probably may not give the right answers. Of all the search engines that I have covered in past, I think this one does not stand out as an aid to an average consumer looking for relevant information.

The founders of Antya, if you are reading this blog, I would appreciate if you can provide some more information for the benefit of our readers!

Appreciate if anyone of you reading this blog can share your understanding about antya !!