Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dhingana - Free musical album site

Dhingana is an online music web site with all the elements of web2.0 paradigm. It provides users songs in hindi, tamil, marathi and punjabi. You can create a list of your favorite songs and share it with your friends. Some of the interesting things to notice here is the quality of media streams. It is almost smooth and gives an excellent user experience. Moreover, you are not required to install any plug-in to install in order to listen to any song. Search offers options to locate a song by Album, song, user, smartlists (a user created list of favorite songs). Some of the other key features include mGreetings, and 360Widget. While mGreetings is a novel idea of creating a greeting using a song or group of songs that you can send to your friend, the widget enables you to plug-in dhingana music player in your web site or blog (see it in action on my blog!!).

On the whole I loved the experience at dhingana primarily because of the performance and simplicity. Kudos to the team who has built this. However, I am not sure how they have come around the licensing model for streaming the songs. If anyone has any idea do write to me !

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