Thursday, June 5, 2008 : Movies on Rent

After bigadda and zapak, Anil Ambani promoted is yet another big move to create a mark into rapidly growing entertainment industry. BigFlix has come out with two basic offerings targeted towards Indian and international customers. The international customers get an option to purchase and download videos online while customers in India get the option to get movies on rent. The rental offerings include movies , popular TV serials, Documentaries, Plays and Kidshindi, english, tamil, bhojpuri, kannada, marathi, malayalam, punjabi, telgu and rajasthani. The wide coverage itself is representative of the fact that the company is quite serious about its future plans and is bullish about the growing entertainment market. The process of getting movies on rental is very simply put up in the form of the graphic image displayed below. The rental plans appear to be reasonable but the adoption still appears to be a big question mark especially with local video parlours dominating the space. It will be an interesting market to watch especially with lot of other players entering into this space.

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