Friday, June 20, 2008 is another web site focussed on providing key financial services in the money lending business. It targets both home consumers as well as businesses. You can get home loans, personal loans as well as loans for your businesses. The loan can be raised against your existing mutual funds, ESOPs and shares and your home equity. Moneyline has set up its shops in various cities across India to increase retail presence in Indian market and mobilise funds. The web site is just an enabler to its retail model. There isn't much content on the website for educating the customer which i guess works out well some times when you have too many players just doing the same. It provides an online chat service to help answer users queries which allows quick customer contact and lead generation. The users can also share their views on moneyline blog. The best thing that i liked about the entire website was its simplicity and freshness. However, I am not sure how much value it can add to an average consumer who already has a number of sites dealing in financial services.

Give it a try if you are looking at getting loans for your personal or professional need!!

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