Monday, June 23, 2008

Personal financial planning with

iTrust is a financial advisory services company based in the national capital region of Delhi which provides host of services like property search home loans, life insurance, health insurance , personal loans, mutual funds etc. The company defines its mission as "To help Indian families get rich" which is a very novel objective but need to be validated on the ground. The most important aspect of iTrust is its emphasis on the need for financial planning. The top level menu bar starts with "Financial Planning" item which says it all. A drill down into the financial planning segment presents you with guides related to tax planning and financial plans. There are couple of predefined sample financial plans as well. There is a segment called "free financial health checkup" which is sorted on the basis of various age groups. If you select a age group it will present you with a small questionnaire. Based on your response the system will provide with you appropriate recommendations. It will further give you with an option to consult a financial adviser by submitting a web request or through phone. A smart way of lead generation though :)
The site also provides you with options to search a property, and get it funded by offering best deals from various loan providers. You can compare deals from various service providers in other segments like life insurance, health insurance, FD's etc (reminds me of It is different from other web sites in two ways : one it does not provide content related to financial analysis, two it is quite simple to understand and get the required information without going through information clutter. I am not sure if its services are available all over India or only in Northern part but it is definitely a web site worth bookmarking !

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