Monday, July 21, 2008

RupeeX - Online personal investment management solution

RupeeX is an online investment management solution targeted towards Indian consumer's personal financial management needs. With RupeeX you can manage your investments in various areas like equity, IPO, mutual funds, derivatives, fixed income, real estate etc. You can create a portfolio for each of these investment categories online or can upload an existing excel sheet to import data automatically. In addition it also provides you with an online Tax filing module. The details can be submitted online and you can take a print out of forms ITR1 or ITR2. This feature is currently free as part of introductory offering. RupeeX also provides a number of utilities which makes it a powerful online collaborative tool. You can create accounts for other users like your family members who can mange their finances. In turn you can monitor the overall accounts of each user. Also, you can give access to your CA or Tax Consultant to review your investments online without creating a separate document. There is a provision for setting up alerts and reminders which come handy in tracking the progress of your investments. RupeeX finds its place in Economic Times online tax filing feature. A very cool marketing strategy!. You also have RupeeX toolbar which can be used to avail its features on the fly. Though this tool does not provides features to track of the overall cash flows for an average consumer. In that sense, i would say it is a half-baked solution. Today the need of the consumer market is to provide a single view of overall personal financial management which can help him manage his finances better. Companies like Intuit are a good example of what needs to be done to fill such gaps !


  1. Hi, Thanks for the words of encouragement, would luv to hear from you what features we can add to make it usefull for an avarage user.

  2. kris - rupeex userJuly 31, 2008 at 11:06 AM

    simply fantastic. i am yet to see any other india focused portfolio manager/wealth management site with such phenomenal capabilities
    there are many nice features that i have discovered over the last one year of using rupeex
    with rupeex i dont have to go through the pain of calculating my capital gains and it pipes the data directly into my tax filing
    i hope there is more to come and make this a full blown package....
    keep up the good work and keep it free :)

  3. I think this site can increase its audience base from portfolio management to personal finance management which can allow an average Indian consumer to plan his short and long term financial goals and should be able to track it on a day-2-day basis. I would basically say it should look at myiris plus to borrow some features in Indian context.

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  5. The RupeeX as a company is fraud:

    1. I have served them as technical consultant for some of the work. I found many technical problems with their system. Believe me your data is not secure with them.

    2. As a company they cannot be trusted. I provided them consulting and still waiting for my consulting fee. The CEO is not replying to emails, switched of his cell phone. If he can do all this for just 1 Lakh rupees, How can you trust him with all sensitive financial data.

  6. The application doesn't work. very slow. I am not sure about the data security, but they don't feel a secure site. I am really don't want to put my financial information in unsafe hands.

    Thanks Anurag

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