Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Taxsmile - Your online tax consultant

Taxsmile is an online tax filing initiative from 3i Infotech, a global player in the BFSI space. It offers e-filing services to individuals, corporates, tax consultants and NRIs. For consumers it is a boon since they do not have to go through the hassle of filling paper documents without any knowledge on the tax laws. Taxsmile offers services in three modes:
1. File Yourself: Allows the user to fill the application online without any assistance. Tariff is Rs250/-
2. File with an expert: Allows the user to submit the data online and request for review by a tax expert. Tariff is Rs 400/-
3. File through taxsmile: Drop your documents to a Taxsmile retail outlet and allow it to file return on its behalf. Tariff is Rs 750/-

Taxsmile gives you the flexibility to e-file the return through them rather than uploading the document to government income tax site all by yourself.
It offers a host of services to corporate employees like automated generation of Form16, online processing of PAN cards, tax preparation consultancy etc. It offers similar features to Tax consultants but is geared towards increasing their overall efficiency by automating various tasks.
I believe the biggest advantage is to NRIs staying outside India. The web site offers cool features to help them file their return from a distant country.

Overall I must say its a great web site offering services at an affordable price in a price sensitive Indian market.

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