Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Taxshax - online income tax returns

Taxshax is one amongst the various online tax filing sites that is making its presence felt in the Indian consumer market. I took the opportunity to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised to see how simple it was to go through the entire process of creating a tax return document. The process is wizard driven which can be easily followed by an average user without the usage of any financial technical terms. Here is a summary of the steps needed to create your tax returns:
1. Register yourself on the taxshax.com
2. Follow the tax return creation wizard. The wizard asks simple questions in plain english which are a no brainer and can be answered very easily if you have all the information available with you.
3. Complete the wizard with all the relevant details. Towards the end the wizard will prompt you to enter your PAN number.
4. Enter the PAN number and buy the appropriate package for filing return. It currently offers three choices - Basic (Rs181), Silver(Rs 4) and Gold(Rs524) depending upon your income filing requirements.
5. Once you buy the package, you have the choice to either print the prepared return form which can be submitted to Income Tax Department or you can download the XML and upload it directly to income tax web site.
Taxshax also offers services to Tax Consultants and Employers who can use its online features to service its customers / employees to make life easier for everyone. I would strongly recommend readers to have an online experience of filing your tax returns. It is really cool!

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